5 Ways to Get a Free Space on iPad and How to Optimize it

It is absolutely very annoying when you want to save photo but the storage space is full. Then, you remember that there are not many files, videos, or photo inside. Even, you had just deleted some of them yesterday. So, what you should do? Of course, you want to make a free space on iPad soon. Calm down! How to free space on iPad is available here. By the way, there are 5 steps that you can do.

free space on iPad

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5 Tricks to get a free space on your iPad

Okay, you only must follow 5 ways below where it begins with:

  • Remove unused applications

Do it quickly from the Setting and go on Storage & iCloud Usage. Next, find out  [STORAGE] Manage Storage. Here, you will seethe space capacity and remove the ones you do not need.

  • Remove music files

Switch from streaming music to Apple Music service. It will give you more space on your iPad.

  • Remove iMessage history

Numerous iPad users use it for quick messages. Remove iMessage will free up a much of space on your device.

  • Clear the History and also the Website Data on Safari

In fact, Safari often creates lots of caches and cookies including the mobile version. Soon, go to Preferences and find the Safari. Afterward, clear the History and Website Data.

  • Remove the Unnecessary Photos and Videos

It relates to the service photos, screenshots, bad photos. The bad photo means when you take a few photos. Furthermore, you just select the most successful but forgetting to delete others. Besides that, it refers to the picture of Instagram, other applications, or Camera Roll.

Optimize your storage space on iPad with iOS

Definitely, optimizing the storage space on iPad is very essential. This case will ease you to store anything quickly. The iOS will free up space automatically when updating it (iOS), install applications, download music, record videos, and more. The iOS will delete some items such as files on iCloud Drive, streaming music & videos, and other unnecessary parts. Delete temporary files and clear cache. However, iOS only deletes items that are no longer needed or can be downloaded again.

What do you think about the tricks to free space on iPad? You, of course, agree and you will do it fast. From now, you can do anything you like with this device. All images, videos, and the file will enter the storage space well.

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