How to Bypass Forgotten Passcode on iPad Easily

bypass forgotten passcode on ipad

Each person, of course, wants to know how to bypass forgotten passcode on iPad. Almost all people indeed ever got this problem and most of them consider it a disaster. You do not need to be panic and have that mentality. Everything is okay and there are many solutions for it. So, calm down and get the way to bypass forgotten passcode on iPad only … Read more

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Take Screenshot on iPad with Sleep/Wake Button and Assistive Touch

take screenshot on ipad

How do I take screenshot on iPad? In general, it is not difficult because iPad has a Home button. Screenshot help many people to prove something in business and the other cases. You can give an evidence of a chatting or call in the form of photos.  Actually, iPad offers two steps to taking screenshot on iPad where you will do fast. The users may … Read more

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How to Backup iPad to iCloud and iTunes for Saving Your Data

backup ipad

Someone indeed needs to backup iPad to prevent something bad happens. Yeah, it includes you because what human creativity is not perfect. Of course, it can damage or error which makes the users lose what they have saved. It is such as contacts, photos, videos, documents, and the rest. Apparently, you can do it with iCloud and or iTunes. Yeah, you should know about how … Read more

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How to Restart an iPad to Avoid Any Problems and Cases

restart an ipad

When your iPad get some problems, such as lag, run slow or bad internet connection, you need to restart your iPad. Actually, restart an iPad manually is easy and you will need the Sleep/ Wake button. This button is on the upper right corner where the shape is oval. However, use the button does not same with restart or reboot. In fact, the Sleep button … Read more

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5 Ways to Get a Free Space on iPad and How to Optimize it

It is absolutely very annoying when you want to save photo but the storage space is full. Then, you remember that there are not many files, videos, or photo inside. Even, you had just deleted some of them yesterday. So, what you should do? Of course, you want to make a free space on iPad soon. Calm down! How to free space on iPad is … Read more

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