Take Screenshot on iPad with Sleep/Wake Button and Assistive Touch

How do I take screenshot on iPad? In general, it is not difficult because iPad has a Home button. Screenshot help many people to prove something in business and the other cases. You can give an evidence of a chatting or call in the form of photos.  Actually, iPad offers two steps to taking screenshot on iPad where you will do fast. The users may use Home and Sleep/Wake button or use Assistive Touch. The device will give the best result in PNG form and the clear outlook. Okay, do not be lazy to renew the information about anything.

take screenshot on ipad

How to taking a screenshot on iPad

Firstly, you will try to take screenshot with Home button along with Sleep/Wake. The Sleep/Wake button has an oval shape above the iPad in the right corner. Then, you go on the second way with Assistive Touch. Okay, let’s try the first method:

  • ipad screenshotHome and Sleep/Wake button:
    1. Find the Home and Sleep/Wake button.
    2. Tap the Home button along with the Sleep/Wake button together. Do it until you see the screen blinking for a while. In addition, you will also hear a faint shutter sound, as a sign that your device is not in silent mode. Automatically, images enter your camera roll in the Photos application.
    3. Tap the Photos application that resembles multi-colored flowers. Swipe to the bottom of the screen see your screenshot.
  • Assistive Touch:

Activate your Assistive Touch through Settings and go on Accessibility and the Assistive Touch.

    1. Touch the application (Assistive Touch).
    2. Open Device and continue to Other.
    3. Tap Screenshot. Just like the previous method, the iPad screen will flash briefly during the shooting process. However, you will hear a dim shutter sound as a sign that your device is not in silent mode.
    4. The result will enter to the Photo Application. By the way, the way is similar to see the image.

How to share your pics to friends, family or the partners

After you take a screenshot, of course, you want to share it. Here are the instructions to share your photos:

  • Tap the image if you want to enlarge the size. Tap Share icon (lower left corner).
  • Next, share your photos via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc. In addition, you can share it via the AirDrop icon or the appropriate email. However, AirDrop requires iOS 7 or newer. Both also enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

How complete your information to operate your iPad. You are not only able to take screenshot on iPad but also share it. So, why not to share your happiness with the many people in this way?

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