4 Steps to Speed up a Slow iPad and Get Back the Best Performance

At this time, many people begin to move to iPad as their main device. Moreover, it comes more than as the usual smartphone. Even though, it helps you to do your jobs and unique message too. The sophisticated performance comes from the iOS 10. Nevertheless, iPad often runs slow suddenly where it may happen to the old and new. When you face this case, of course, you want to speed up a slow iPad soon.  On the other hands, you will be panic but do not worry. You will get tips to speed up a slow iPad here. Therefore, stay here and rejuvenate your knowledge.

speed up a slow ipad

How to Speed up a Slow iPad with 4 Steps

What makes your iPad suddenly running slow? Certainly, you curious about it and wish can avoid it after knowing the cause. Apparently, the cause of the slow performance is because of the internet connection. There is no serious case making your device misfire and the handling is quite easy. You quite follow 4 steps below to speed up the iPad:

  • Create a Free Space

Deleting some items such as files, photos, videos, and cache are a good idea to make a free space. The free space will restore the performance of the iPad again. To the old iPad with iOS 10, you can go to Settings, General, and the Storage. Afterward, press Delete Application after you tap entry. Meanwhile, the device with iOS 11 can tap Offload Apps.

Tap Photo application, Album, and choose Video. Then, delete the unnecessary videos with tap the icon Rubish in the lower right corner of the screen. To delete Cache, Open Settings and Safari. Then, tap Delete History and Website Data.

  • Tweak Some Settings

One of the best tweaks is Reduce Motion. Activate by opening Settings, General, Accessibility.

  • Update and Reinstall iOS

Reinstall your iOS by connecting to iTunes. Then, go to Summary and then Restore again. You should make a backup and recovery because you will lose everything on the iPad.

  • Replace iPad Battery

Try replacing the battery. Visit the third party if Apple provides a large fee ($ 199 +). However, you might get cheaper parts.

Understanding your iPad Limitation

The old iPad does not support current technology. Knowing these limitations why not return the factory? Or, donate it to someone who is more in need. You can also reuse, resell, or recycle.

Well, those are the easy steps to speed up a slow iPad. You only need 4 steps and you can run the device well again. However, you have to know the limitation of the iPad too so that you can make the right way to handle it.

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