How to Share Photos on iPad using a Simple Method

Apple iPad is famous for its multitouch screen; however, beginners maybe still confuse about how to share photos on iPad. Many people like to share photo on iPad by using e-mail or message. Generally, you can use the share button, if you want to send any picture to a contact without even viewing the contact list. Below is simple tutorial to share photos on your iPad.

share photos on ipad

Step by step to share photos on your iPad Mini

There are easy ways that you can follow in order to share some photos on your iPad.

  • Make sure that you open the photo application and then look at the bottom of the screen. On that part you will find Albums, tap it.
  • You can continue with tapping the camera roll.
  • Look at the upper right corner of the screen; there you will see a button, tap it.
  • At this point you may start choosing as many pictures as you like. But, remember, if you are using e-mail, you can send only 5 pictures at time; however, if you are using iMessage, you send up to 20 photos at a time.

share photos on ipad

  • After you select the pictures or photos that you want to send, you must click the share button.
  • Continue the actions with tapping the Message or mail. But, if you are trying to send more pictures as well as photos than you are allowed, usually you won’t find icons of mail and message. If this happens, you are suggested to deselect the pictures.
  • To select the contact you need, you can find the + button. You can find this particular button on the right end of to Field. By doing so, you can see the list of contact that you have. If you want a more simple way, write down the name of the person in your contact in To Field.
  • You can also type a message altogether with the pictures or photos that you send, if you want to.
  • After you follow all the steps tap Send button.

Share iPad photos with Shared Albums in iCloud

With Shared Albums in the Photos app, you can share photos and videos with just the people you choose. They can also add their own photos, videos, and comments. Shared Albums works with or without iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream.

  • Go to Settings  > [your name] > iCloud > Photos, then turn on Shared Albums.

turn on share album

Create a new shared album

  • Swipe from the left edge of the screen to show the sidebar.
  • Tap New Shared Album under Shared Albums.
  • Give the album a name, then tap Next.
  • Choose people to invite, or type an email address or phone number, then tap Create.

Add photos to a shared album

  • Select a shared album in the sidebar, then tap .
  • Select all the items you want to add, then tap Done.
  • Add a comment if you want, then tap Post.
  • When Public Website is turned on, anyone with the iCloud URL can view the album.

Delete photos and comments from a shared album

  • You must be the owner of the shared album to delete photos.
  • Delete photos: In a shared album, tap Select. Select the photos you want to delete, then tap trash icon .
  • Delete comments: While viewing the comment in a shared photo, touch and hold, then tap Delete.

That is a tips to share photos on iPad prove that it is so easy to send pictures photos through the specific device.

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