How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPad to Protect Your Child

Do you want to set up parental controls on iPad? If it is so, the iPad parental control apps are very suggested for you to use. Greatly, this app will be very useful when your child wants to borrow your iPad. For the additional information, that app will help you to control your child from the app which is warned to open. So, it will prevent your child from opening and accessing a content which is inappropriate for them. It works although there are so many attractive apps in your iPad for kids. These simple iPad tutorial below will help you to use the parental controls.

set up parental control on ipad

Steps to set up parental controls on your iPad

It is better for you to know that an app store of passwords can be entered only once. You can do it every 15 minutes. You can enter the passwords in order to buy an app on your iPad. Here are the ways in requiring passwords:

  1. Go to Settings

The first step that you have to do is going to the app of Settings. You can find this app on the main menu of your iPad.

  1. Select screen time

Then, after going to the app of Settings, you should select the icon of screen time.

  1. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions

If the second step is done, please tap on the icon of Content and Privacy Restrictions. In this step, you are allowed to turn on the restrictions. You can do it by using the toggle which is located at the top of the screen.

  1. Tap iTunes and App Store Purchases

The last step is tapping the iTunes and App Store Purchases. In this icon, you have to see in the require password icon. After that, just change it to Always Require.

ipad retrictions

Therefore, if your child uses your iPad and will buy something in it, don’t worry! Your child will be asked to type or enter the password that you have made.

Stopping your child changing the settings back

You can also do that app by doing some easy steps below. Just pay attention, please!

  1. Going to the app of Settings

In this step, you should choose the setting restrictions.

  1. Add a passcode

In this case, you must enter the passcode that you have made each time when you change something.

Additionally, after you have done both steps, please go to Settings. And then choose Screen Time also tap Use Screen Time Passcode. Thus, you can enter a code which is four digit.

Since the set up parental controls on iPad is important, you should always do it to avoid something bad happens to your device. Also, don’t forget to consider two matters mentioned above to guarantee that your device is safe.

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