Set Up New iPad: Learn How to Setting Your New iPad for the First Time

If you have just bought a new iPad, what will you do later? It is of course for you to set up your new iPad, right? However, do you have a question how do I set up an iPad for a new user? In order to answer it, you can pay attention to the review below. In that review, it will be available for you the guiding in set up new iPad for the first time. So, let’s check it out!

set up new ipad

Simple Guide to Set Up New iPad

In order to set your new iPad which has been bought, you have to do some ways. It is done to be able to operate your new iPad well. Just follow these ways correctly!

  1. Slide the screen

Firstly, you should slide the screen of your new iPad. Thus, in order to get started, you are allowed to slide your own finger across the iPad screen.

  1. Select the language

In this case, you have to select the language which you want to use. It is usually automatically done when you buy an iPad in your country.

  1. Select your country

It should be appropriate to the place where you live and buy a new iPad.

setting new ipad

  1. Select a Wi-Fi network

Then, you can select a network of Wi-Fi and enter the password. If there is no connection for the Wi-Fi network, you are able to use your data. It can be done by finding the icon of Use Cellular.

  1. Wait for it to activate

In order to activate your iPad, you should wait for it for a moment.

  1. Enable the Location Services

When you want to enable the location services, you need to select the whether or not based on your desire.

  1. Set up Passcode and Touch ID

The last step is setting up a passcode and Touch ID. However, you are allowed to skip this by tapping Set Up Touch ID Later.

How to Use Automatic Set Up on Your New iPad

ipad automatic setup

In fact, you need to know that there are also some automatic steps in order to set up a new iPad. Are you curious about them? Okay, here are they.

  1. Choose the language

The first step is choosing the language on the iPad.

  1. Tap Continue

There will be an icon to set up your new iPad and then just tap Continue.

  1. Enter the passcode

Then, you should enter the passcode and the Touch ID too on your new iPad.

  1. Select restore

After the third step is done, you can select restore the new device.

  1. Tap Continue

In this case, you should tap Continue. And the process of setting up a new iPad automatically is completed.

The ways to set up new iPad are easy to understand. Hence, try the process as well as you can.

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