How to Restart an iPad to Avoid Any Problems and Cases

When your iPad get some problems, such as lag, run slow or bad internet connection, you need to restart your iPad. Actually, restart an iPad manually is easy and you will need the Sleep/ Wake button. This button is on the upper right corner where the shape is oval. However, use the button does not same with restart or reboot. In fact, the Sleep button is not able to solve your problems. Therefore, read carefully the information below and find out the reason.

restart an ipad

The reasons why you have to restart your iPad

Actually, some reasons have shown above but that is incomplete. The fact is there are 8 reasons to reboot your iPad:

  • There are certain applications that continue to strike.
  • Have trouble connecting the device to Wi-Fi.
  • The iPad stopped making noises or sounds.
  • The keyboard on the screen runs very slowly or even stops appearing.
  • iPad batteries flow very fast.
  • Cannot connect Bluetooth devices.

6 Ways to restart or reboot your iPad properly

You have known the reason and the next is do restarting. Actually, there are other ways to solve the problems above but, in fact, restarting is the best solution. Therefore, read the 6 instruction below to do:

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and do it for a few seconds.
  • Turn off the device by sliding the designated button.
  • For the iPad to completely freeze or not responsive, continue to press the button. iPad will die without confirmation after about 20 seconds. Actually, people also call it a forced reboot.
  • Next, you will see a dashed line on the screen of your iPad to show your busy life. After the iPad is completely dead, the screen will be completely black.
  • Wait a few seconds and hold the Sleep/Wake button again. This method is to trigger a restart.
  • Release the Sleep/Wake button after the Apple logo appears in the center of the screen. After that, iPad will restart immediately.

From now, there is no reason to be panic when your iPad get a problem. Yeah, quite restart an iPad and you can operate it well again. You can make a call, send the message, open social media accounts, and so on. Nevertheless, maintaining the condition of your iPad is very important. Thus, you don’t need to do it repeatedly.

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