How to Protect iPad From Malware, Phishing or Virus Attack

Any gadget needs protection against attack and intrusion especially if this gadget is containing sensitive data and information. Every iDevice has a security system in its iOS. It is important for you to know how to use this system to protect iPad from malware or virus.

protect ipad from malware

Easy Ways to Protect iPad from Malware or Virus Attack

Here are the tips to protect your iPad from viruses and malware.

  • Passcode Lock

This is basic security to protect your iPad from prying eyes. Your iPad will be set to request a passcode lock every time you want to access it. Go to Settings menu then tap Touch ID & Passcode column. Toggle Turn Passcode On. Then you enter 4 digits passcode. If you think 4 digits are easy to be hacked, you can change it too complex passcode by switch Simple Passcode to ON.

  • Find My iPad

Find My iPad/iPhone is an app that very useful when you lost your iPad or when you forgot where the last time you put your iPad. It will tell you where the location of your iPad. Of course, you need to install this app on your iPad and activate iCloud. This app has Lost Mode to send a message for anyone who found your iPad where it can be returned. This app also has a feature called Activation Lock that request Apple ID if someone wants to reactivate your iPad. So anyone who tried to sell or use your iPad without your authorization cannot do the action.

  • Back up Data

Use iCloud to back up your important data. So when you lost your iPad, your important data still safe and it can be accessed in other devices. Go to the Settings menu and tap iCloud. Sign in with Apple ID and switch to ON all apps that you want to be backed up. iCloud regularly will back up every data in these apps.

  • Safe Browsing

Just like browsing in desktop PC, browsing in the Safari browser is vulnerable to malware and any intrusion from the internet. There are several features in Safari that you can use to protect your privacy. Block Pop-Ups can prevent any pop-ups ad, Fraudulent Website Warning to warn you when you visit suspicious sites, Blocked Cookies to prevent any third party used cookies from your iPad, and Do Not Track to prevent any third party to track your browsing history without your authorization.

To protect iPad from malware or virus in the future we recommend never jailbreak your iPad. Keep your iPad up-to-date: Settings >> General >> Software update. Don’t open the links if you’re unsure where they come from.

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