How to Print Wirelessly from iPad Using AirPrint App

When you want to print something like a document, you can print wirelessly from iPad using the app of AirPrint. Greatly, a technology of AirPrint offers the Apple devices to send print over the Wi-Fi. It is done in order to make appropriate to the equipped printers. Moreover, using AirPrint printers, you will see the option of printing from iOS via the share button. As long as the printer which you use is connected to the same network, your own iPad has to get it. It is of course with having no further prompting. In this following review, you will know the ways in printing somethings using AirPrint app.

print wirelessly from ipad

How to print wirelessly from iPad from email

In order to print an email using AirPrint, you are able to do some easy steps below.

  • Open the Mail app

Firstly, open the app of Mail and look for the email that you want to print.

  • Find an icon of Flag

At the bottom of Mail, you will see an icon of Flag. Then, just curving arrow and pointing left.

print email from ipad

  • Tap the arrow

Tapping that arrow is the third step. After that, you can select Print from the option lists.

  • Tap on Select Printer

In this case, you need to tap on the Select Printer so that a local AirPrint printer will be available.

print email from ipad pro

  • Select the printer

It means that you should select the printer when the local printer is located.

  • Tap print

The last step is that just tapping print in order to print the email that you want.

How to print file from Safari app using AirPrint

In order to be able to print a file which is from the app of Safari, you can do seven easy ways. Here they are.

  • Open the Safari app

The first step is opening the app of Safari. And then, navigate it to the web page that you want to open and print.

  • Tap the share icon

Then, you should tap on the share icon which is located at the bottom bar.

  • Swipe across the bottom row

In this step, you will find three action rows. In these rows, you have to swipe across the bottom row until you get the icon of Print.

print webpage from ipad

  • Tap on Select Printer

If the AirPrint printer has not been located, just tap on the select printer to be identified.

  • Select the AirPrint device

After that, you are suggested to select the AirPrint device from the printer lists.

  • Select the page

In this case, you can select the page that you want to print.

  • Tap print

By tapping on the icon of print, you are able to print a file that you want.

Those are the brief tips of print wirelessly from iPad. Hope you can do it in the right instructions.

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