How to Play Youtube Audio in the Background on Your iPad

Playing youtube audio in background on iOS is a popular activity that can give a serious enjoyment to the users. Lately, there are some people who do it since they can listen to music while operating other apps. Also, the youtube audio can still be listened to while the screen is being turned off. So, it will give a nice experience for you. Then, as iPad users, do you want to know how to play youtube audio in the background on iPad completely? If so, just see the instruction below.

play youtube audio on background

The instruction to play Youtube audio in the background on iPad you can do easily

You can do simple ways to play music on your iPad’s background. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Find and install the YTB Player

First, you can search the app store to find a certain app named YTB Player. After you find it, then, you can click install to install it on your iPad.

  1. Launch the App

After you install it, you can launch it. The app will show you a list of the most recent music.

  1. ytbFind the audio you want

To find the specific music you want to listen to, you can click the icon of a magnifying glass placed on the top right. Then, you can type what you want to find.

  1. Choose Playlist or Videos

You can select this choice if you want to listen to the audio or watch a video. Besides, you can also make your own playlist by clicking the ‘+’ icon to the music or video you want.

  1. Start playing the playlist and go back to the home

In this section, you can click the video you want or the listed ones you make. After it is playing, you can press the iPad’s home button to go back to the home screen. The audio will keep playing for you.

  1. Enjoy the audio

After you go back to the home screen, you can use other apps while listening to the youtube audio. If you need to change the audio, you can manage it by swiping up from the bottom to go to the Control Center. Then, you can just tap the next or previous button to find the audio you like.

Benefits of playing youtube audio in the iPad’s background

social media on ipadIn conclusion, there are several benefits you will get from using youtube audio service. Below are the benefits you can get.

  • There are many kinds of available audio you can choose.
  • The process is simple to do.
  • The users can play audio while operating other apps, like a message, apps for chatting, social media apps, and so on.

To fulfill your need for listening to music while using your device for other business, you can choose the simplest way to do. To play youtube audio in the background on iPad is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to choose. So, just follow the steps above to have a new experience of listening to youtube audio while using other apps on your iPad.

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