How to Fix AirPlay Problems on iPad that Can’t Connect

fix airplay problems on ipad

Have you ever experienced airplay not working on your Mac? If so, there must be some problems to fix in your iPad. Everyone knows that with AirPlay, it is possible for you to mirror your iPad’s screen to Apple TV, Mac, and also other compatible devices. Thus, you can enjoy your photos or videos on a wider screen. In addition, you are also able to … Read more

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Suggested Ways to Fix iPad That Won’t Charge Simply

fix ipad that won't charge

Is your iPad not charging when plugged in? If so, there must be some problems that come to your device. In some cases, there are iPad users that experience getting trouble to recharge their device. For this matter, you can follow the steps below to fix iPad that won’t charge. How to fix iPad that won’t charge you can do To solve the problem when … Read more

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How to Make Old iPad Run Faster as it Used to Be

make old ipad run faster

Every handheld device including the iPad will run slower as the time progress. If you are an old iPad user and start to feel the slowness of your device, these are the tips to make your old iPad running faster as it used to be. Step by step to Make Your Old iPad Running Faster There are a few reasons that can make your iPad run slower. … Read more

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How to Install Microsoft Office on iPad: Easy Guide

install microsoft office on ipad

Good news that Microsoft Office is now available on iPad and makes iPad users happy. It has been proven with the risen sales of the apps at Apple’s Apps Stores. For you who do not know how to install Microsoft Office on your iPad, here are the step-by-step guides. Tips and Step to Install Microsoft Office on iPad There are several steps you can take … Read more

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How to Deal with The iPad not Charging Issues

ipad not charging

iPad not charging is a serious problem and must get the handling as soon as possible. If not, you will not be able to operate it. However, the handling of the problem may do carelessly. You have to check the reasons why your iPad does not charging even plugged into wall or others. Commonly, there are 4 things causing the problem of the iPhone. It … Read more

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