iPad Tutorial for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Set Up and Use Your New iPad

If you are one of the iPad users and you need the iPad tutorial, don’t worry! It will be available for you as the iPad users. The basic iPad instructions will be shared to the iPad users especially for those who are the first time in using their iPad. So, it will be very important for the users of iPad, including you. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because, in the tutorial, you will find some ways in operating a certain application in the iPad. Thus, you are able to operate the app correctly and appropriate with the procedural tips.

ipad tutorial

How to set up the Passcode and Touch ID in iPad tutorial for beginners

You need to know that setting up a passcode is a part of iPad set up the process. Besides, you may also enter the fingerprint for the Touch ID. In order to know it more, you can follow these easy ways below to set up a passcode and Touch ID.

  1. Unlock iPad

The first step in setting up a passcode and Touch ID is unlocking your iPad. You can do it by entering your passcode or your fingerprint.

  1. Open the Settings app

Then, you should open the app of Settings. In this menu, you are suggested to tap the passcode and Touch ID. So, you can set up a passcode and Touch ID by entering your passcode.

For the additional information, when you enter a passcode more than five times and incorrect, what will happen? That’s right, the iOS will start to add the time delays. It is like that because you are not the real owner of that iPad.

The functions of the Home Button

In fact, the home button has some great functions that you can know. Thus, just using this button, you are allowed to do any operating activities. Here are the functions of the home button:

  1. View more pages

In your iPad, you can swipe the screen to the right and left sides. You can do it in order to view more pages of the icons.

  1. Go back to the home screen

Then, the second function of the home button is going back to the home screen. It can be done by pressing the home button which is located in the below screen.

  1. See recently opened apps

Greatly, you can also see the thumbnails of the recently opened apps. How can you do that? Yea, just press the home button double.

By knowing those two important matters that you can find in the iPad tutorial for beginners and seniors, it means that you, now, are ready to use the device. So, just follow the iPad tutorial well to be successful to use the device accurately.

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