Here are 4 Causes and Solutions When Your iPad says not Charging

Suddenly, the iPad says not charging but you do not respond it with anxiety. Panic does not need to emerge if you like searching on the internet. You will find the best solution easily because there are a lot of ways from many websites. Knowing this method does not mean expecting an error on your iPad. If you had ever read about how to fix iPhone that not charging, the solution is almost similar. Seemly, there are 5 methods to fix the iPhone died and won’t charge. Let’s see if there are changes or not!

ipad says not charging

iPad says not charging because of 4 Factors

There are 4 factors causing your iPad don’t want to charge. It includes:

  1. Fluctuations in your software

Fluctuations in security indicate for your device. When your device identifies fluctuations it means your iPad is not safe. So, the software in it will prevent bad damage by not charging. Fluctuations can occur because your cell phone is exposed to water or is struck by lightning

  1. Wrong Battery Charger

Maybe you are using an iPhone charger for your device. You might also not use a cable with an MFi certificate. Using the wrong battery charger can make your iPad not fill. In addition, it can cause fatal damage to both hardware and software.

  1. Broken Lightning cable

Try checking your lightning cable for frying or discoloration. If there is one of these factors, you must replace the lightning cable. However, you need to test your iPad using a USB cable or other people’s lighting cables. You can do that to ensure that the damage is only on.

  1. Your charging Port iPad is dirty

Charging Port iPad can be dirty for several reasons. For examples, are dust, oil, crumbs, or fiber. Check using a flashlight and clean it with a soft brush.

Fix your iPad Problem with 4 Ways

Well, let’s fix it when finding the problem. Here are 4 ways to solve the iPad won’t charge such as below:

  • Restore the backup from the iCloud or iTunes: It is rare to use.
  • Rest your iPad for a few moments: Let the iPad stop charging for 30 minutes.
  • Hard reset: Press the power button and home together a button for a few moments.
  • Visit the Apple Store: You can visit the Apple store in your city and get the best solution.

Okay, those are the ways as the solution when the iPad says not charging. Try from the first to the last way until your iPad charge again. Share this information!

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