How to Install Microsoft Office on iPad: Easy Guide

Good news that Microsoft Office is now available on iPad and makes iPad users happy. It has been proven with the risen sales of the apps at Apple’s Apps Stores. For you who do not know how to install Microsoft Office on your iPad, here are the step-by-step guides.

install microsoft office on ipad

Tips and Step to Install Microsoft Office on iPad

There are several steps you can take before installing Office on your iPad, read the guide below.

  • Clear the Space

Before you buy the app, you should know that this app requires hundreds of megabytes to install it. Along with store files and temporary work files, it will require even more space. For better use, clear few gigabytes spaces on your iPad.

  • Search the Apps

Microsoft Office apps for iPad are different from apps for other devices. On the iPad, there is no all-in-one Microsoft Office suite. You have to buy Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint separately on Apple Apps Stores.

For your information, the free version only allowed you to view the documents. Once you install Microsoft Office apps, to view the documents from the email you only have to hold the attachment files for a while till you see a dialog box appear offering Office suite options to read the documents.

  • Paid Version

To edit documents on your iPad you have to buy the paid version by subscribing Office 365. Once you get the paid version, now you can use all the menu in the apps. On Excel paid version, it will appear special numeric keypad and formula buttons that only available on iPad. While on PowerPoint paid version, besides the editing feature there is a bonus of laser-points-like.

  • Save the Documents Automatically

Open the File menu at the upper left. If AutoSave is a toggle on, all your recent documents will be saved automatically at OneDrive accounts. To sign in OneDrive accounts you can use Hotmail or Outlook accounts. If you do not have these accounts then you have to register Microsoft account.

  • Upgrade the Apps

If you want to upgrade the apps, it is easier if you use in-app purchases. Use Microsoft account that you used when you subscribed to the apps. The apps will automatically recognize as the Office 365 subscribers.

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