How to Get Microsoft Office on iPad Without Paying for It

How to download Microsoft Office on iPad for free? In this increasingly sophisticated era, the pattern of work of people must also adjust. Work does not have to be in front of a computer in the room. However, they can work anywhere with their gadgets. They may use their tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, and many else to finish their project. It is very practical, right? So, you quite bring them wherever you are. To support your job, you need to add Microsoft Office inside. Here, you are going to learn how to get Microsoft Office on iPad. Let’s check this out!

get microsoft office on ipad

Steps to get Microsoft Office on iPad for free

There are many functions and types coming from the Microsoft Office. Microsoft contains Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. By this Apps, you can see, read, write, and edit your document properly. Differ from the previous system, iPad does not use Office 365 so that the usage is unlimited. Here, you will get the way to own this application for free. Now, follow these instructions and pay attention to the explanation well:

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Download the application.
  3. Enter to Office 365. You can make a Microsoft ID in case you do not have the apps. Fill the blank with your phone number and birth date. Although you enter the office 365, it does mean you are the member of it.
  4. Synchronize your Microsoft Office. This step is actually for the user that uses OneDrive account, previously. You must download the document to the iPad and then synchronize it to the Microsoft Clouds on the interval.

Microsoft Word and Excel on iPad

You cannot create and document when you still use Office 365. Meanwhile, you can do it all because there is a substantive editing tool. On iPad, you have a wider screen size that eases you to do editing. Besides that, there is a Reflow button which has many functions. It helps you to change the text size, delete unnecessary document elements, also float tool above the text. The most important thing is you will be more focus on your editing session. Meanwhile, Excel comes to make a spreadsheet. Then, you can modify, save, and print.

excell on ipad

So, having a modern mind is a must now. You have to think practically and willing to receive every change. How to get Microsoft Office on iPad above help you to be more open minded very much. The application teaches you about many things where something should not be strick. Yeah, work everywhere and happy without throw many times.

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