Suggested Ways to Fix iPad That Won’t Charge Simply

Is your iPad not charging when plugged in? If so, there must be some problems that come to your device. In some cases, there are iPad users that experience getting trouble to recharge their device. For this matter, you can follow the steps below to fix iPad that won’t charge.

fix ipad that won't charge

How to fix iPad that won’t charge you can do

To solve the problem when your iPad does not charge, you can do some steps below. Here they are.

  • Check the charging cable and USB adapter

First, you have to check everything related to the charging properties. You have to check if there are signs of damage or not to the charging cable and USB adapter. Make sure that there are no breakage or bent prongs. If there are one or both of those problems, you have to replace with the new one. So, don’t use any damaged accessories.

  • Check for the firm connection

In this section, you have to check the connection among the charging cable, USB wall adapter and also a wall outlet or AC power cable. Make sure all of them are in good condition and well placed.

  • Remove debris from the charging port

Since debris can make the connection of charging bad, you have to remove it. Do it at the bottom of your device.

remove debris from the charging port

  • Plug the charging cable into the device

After removing the debris, you can, then, plug the cable into your iPad.

  • Let it charge

After you plug the charging cable into the iPad, then let it charge for about a half hour.

  • Force the device to restart

When you have wait for a half hour and your device is unresponsive, then, you can force restart it.

  • Let it charge for another time

After you restart your iPad, then you can try to let it charge again for another a half hour.

To do some ways above is usually helpful to fix iPad that can’t charging. However, if your iPad still will not charge, you can bring your device, charging cable and also charging adaptor to the certain Apple Retail Store to check. Besides, you can take them to the Apple Authorized Service Provider to be evaluated.

How to repair an iPad that stop charging at 80%

For you who have ever experienced this case, you can try the following tips.

  • Wait the temperature of the device to drop

While charging, your phone can get a higher temperature. It will be warm or even hot. When it happens, the software may limit the charging that goes above 80 percent. So, unplug the device from the charger and wait for its temperature to drop.

  • Try to move the iPad and charger to a cooler location

You can do this way when you do not want to wait for the temperature of the device to drop. You can just move them to the cooler location. By doing it, your device temperature will automatically drop.

Fixing an iPad that won’t charge is important since it can make you find trouble if you do nothing. So, follow the steps above as you need.

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