7 Easy Ways to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPad

How to fix iMessage not working on iPad? The new application from iPhone and iPad gives new sensation to send a message. You can send a message with more than 160 traditional characters of the text message and you can send MMS too. The message use data to send the message and unluckily this app is only for Apple brand. Besides that, it sometimes does not work when there is a green bubble or blue bubble. What are the blue and green bubbles? How to fix iMessage when it is not working with one person? Okay, you will diagnose and fix it here. Keep reading and update your inside below!

imessage not working on ipad

Understanding the causes before fix iMessage not working on your iPad

Before enter to the main topic, it does not wrong if you know the cause first. Then, diagnose it in order to find the best way to fix it.  Of course, you are shocked when you know that your message sends in the green bubble or blue bubble. By the way, here are the meanings of those bubbles:

  • The message appears in blue bubbles: Text messages using iMessage.
  • Messages appear in green bubbles: text messages using SMS or MMS.
  • Next, let’s diagnose it with send A test message where the indicator is the blue bubble. If you see a green bubble, it means your iMessage does not work. Secondly, use iMessage out of order to know the problem.’

7 Steps to make iMessage works again on your iPad

Well, there are 7 ways to fix your iMessage if you can’t send or receive messages on your iPad, and you can read below:

  1. Turn off iMessage and then reboot.

It stars from open Settings and goes to Message. Then, hold the power button to turn off your iPad. Turn it on again and navigate to Settings. Go to Order and turn on iMessage again.

  1. Make sure iMessage has set correctly.

Go to Settings then Order and tap ‘Send & Receive’. Tap your telephone number to activate your iMessage.

  1. Check the connection of your internet.

Remember that iMessage only works with cellular data connections and or Wi-Fi.

  1. Exit and re-enter iMessage.

Settings then Message and tap ‘Send & Receive‘. Next, sign out by clicking on your ‘Apple ID‘. Re-enter iMessage using your Apple ID. Try sending it to one of your friends.

  1. Check iOS Update.

Go to Settings and General. Go software Update and the check your iOS update.

  1. Reset Network Settings.

Network connectivity problems can also cause problems with iMessage. To reset network settings on iPad, go to Settings. Next, choose General, Reset, and select ‘Reset Network Settings’.

  1. Contact Apple Support.

The problem you reported will come to Apple engineers. Then, they will personally solve this problem.

Obvious, you not only learn about how to fix iMessage not working on iPad, but you also perceive the problem and the cause. Cool!

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