5 Easy Steps to Fix an iPad That Won’t Turn On

How do you fix an iPad that won’t turn on? Seemly, you are enjoying your new iPad, recently. Wow, maintain it well through the store still give you a warranty. Nowadays, iPad and the other smartphone style have been the first soul for the human. You, of course, cannot put it for a while so that always bring it everywhere. Even, you use it until the battery runs out. The running out of the battery makes it would not to turn on. How it happens when you wake up from your bed? Most people feel panic and think that it is a big problem. Actually, you quite fix an iPad that won’t turn on such below.

fix an ipad that won’t turn on

Pay Attention! 5 Ways Here Will Fix an iPad that Won’t Turn On

So, the core of the problem from the iPad that won’t turn on is because of the battery. If not, your device in on the Sleep mode. It is easy to solve in case the iPad in that mode. You quite turn it back on by press the Sleep/ Wake button in some seconds. Even though, you need these 5 instructions if your iPad don’t want to turn on because of the battery:

  • Try turning on the iPad by pressing and holding down the Sleep / Wake button. If you see the Apple logo appear, it means that your iPad is only intentionally turned off.
  • Restart your cell by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button. This method is useful when the normal startup does not work.
  • If the battery on the iPad runs out, connect the iPad to a wall outlet. You can connect it to the power point on the wall or connect it to the PC.
  • After you charge the iPad, wait for an hour to turn it on. Even, you better wait for the battery full then you do.
  • If the iPad all the above methods fail, there might be a problem with your hardware. Immediately visit the nearest Apple Store to find problems with your iPad. In addition to the Apple Store, you can contact Apple Support for assistance and instructions.

Let’s Save Your iPad Battery Guys!

Differs from the old phone (not the smartphone), the power of the battery is very low. You might charge it more than one time a day. Even, you always bring a power bank everywhere. Try to save the battery because often get the drop is bad for the performance of the iPad:

  1. Turn off screen brightness (Settings => Display => Brightness).
  2. Turn off Push Notifications (Settings => Notifications).
  3. Turn off Location Services (Settings => Privacy).
  4. Turn off Bluetooth (Settings => Bluetooth or tap the Bluetooth icon in the control panel).
  5. Fetch Mail is less frequent (Settings => Accounts => Passwords => Retrieve New Data and select retrieval schedule).
  6. Turn Off Background Application Refreshes (Settings => General => Background Application Refreshes).
  7. Go to Settings => Battery. Check applications that require the most battery power.

In fact, fix an iPad that won’t turn on is very easy and fast. However, you must diagnose the cause of the problem first and then choose the most appropriate way. On the other hand, save the battery is important where it prevents the iPad from unexpected damages.

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