How to Fix AirPlay Problems on iPad that Can’t Connect

Have you ever experienced airplay not working on your Mac? If so, there must be some problems to fix in your iPad. Everyone knows that with AirPlay, it is possible for you to mirror your iPad’s screen to Apple TV, Mac, and also other compatible devices. Thus, you can enjoy your photos or videos on a wider screen. In addition, you are also able to listen to streaming music through certain AirPlay-enabled speakers. However, you won’t be able to do them when the AirPlay gets problems. Thus, you can follow the tips below to Fix AirPlay Problems on iPad below.

fix airplay problems on ipad

Tips to fix AirPlay Problems on iPad that Can’t Connect

When you find a connection problem to your iPad with other AirPlay-enabled devices, you can try the tips below to fix it.

  1. Make sure that your iPad is in the same Wi-Fi network with the AirPlay-enabled devices

To check this matter, you can go to Settings. Choose the Wi-Fi section and check the Wi-Fi network available which are connected to those two devices.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth on your iPad

When the Bluetooth is enabled, click it to turn it off.

  1. Restart the AirPlay-enabled devices

In this step, you can restart the Apple TV, MacBook or other devices you use as the AirPlay-enabled devices.

  1. Restart the Wi-Fi router

In some cases, Wi-Fi connection can be the problem that causes your iPad can’t connect to other devices. With restarting the router, it will help you to fix the connection.

  1. Update the device which you are using AirPlay with

The AirPlay-enabled devices like iDevice, Mac, and Apple TV needs to be updated to the latest version. This way can be a helpful way to fix the connection problem.

  1. Uninstall the similar party apps

Since the similar apps to AirPlay such as Duet Display and AirParrot can interface with the AirPlay, it is better to uninstall them.

Those six tips are good to try when you find AirPlay connection problem. Besides, you should make sure that the AirPlay Mirroring isn’t blocked by a firewall. With these tips, your problem will be easily solved.

How to fix Lagging Video via Airplay

When the video shown on the AirPlay-enabled device is getting choppy, you can do the tips below.

  1. Connect the AirPlay-enabled device to your router using the Ethernet cable directly

By doing this way, you can solve the problem of lagging video since the Ethernet network will be more stable than a Wi-Fi. You can do it when the AirPlay-enabled device is connected to a Wi-Fi.

  1. Disable the devices that may interface with the Wi-Fi network

In this step, you can disable some external device like baby monitors and microwave ovens which are possible to interface with the Wi-Fi.

  1. Check the Wi-Fi setup

Make sure that you have set up your Wi-Fi properly based on Apple’s guideline.

Considering that AirPlay service is important to mirror your iPad’s screen to other bigger screen device, you have to keep a good connection. When the connection has a problem, you can manage it well by following the tips to fix Airplay problems on iPad above.

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