How to Factory Reset iPad to Resolve Your Problems

As you know that factory reset iPad to the default settings is a good way to fix some issues that happen on your iPad. Additionally, it can help you in resolving some problems with your iPad such as suffering, crashing, or freezing. In fact, those problems cannot be identified. Thus, these following steps will assist you to reset your iPad to the factory setting.

factory reset ipad

Step by step to factory reset iPad

In resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you need to do some steps. This process will wipe the device on your iPad completely. So, let’s check them out!

  1. Go to Settings

In order to reset your iPad, the first thing that you should do is going to the app of Settings. In this app, you will see the icon of General, just tap it on. After that, you are able to reset your iPad by choosing and tapping the icon of Erase All Content and Settings.

ipad reset

  1. Tap erase

You need to know that in resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you should type your own passcode. Then, after typing it, you will see a warning box on your screen. In addition, that box shows an option which is to Erase iPad in red color. Just click this option!

  1. Enter the ID password

In order to confirm the action of the second step, your iPad usually asks you to enter your ID password. After that, your iPad will wipe everything from the storage and of course, it will go back to the first setup screen.

resetting ipad apple id

  1. Select fully reset

Another way that you can do is selecting fully reset your iPad through iTunes. In this case, you must find the button of Restore. It indicates that it will fully reset to the device.

How to backup an iPad

Before resetting your iPad to the factory setting, you should backup your data first. Well, here are the simple steps of backing up your data from an iPad:

  1. Convince to have a backup

The first step that you have to do is making sure that you have a back up which is already. In this case, it will be available for you two options. The first one is using iCloud and the second one is using iTunes. Both options are used to back up the device.

icloud backup settings ipad

  1. Go to Settings

Firstly, just go to Settings, select iCloud and tap on Backup. Just like that.

Both matters above which are about the ways of factory reset iPad and back up an iPad are very important to know. It is so when your iPad has some problems that have been mentioned before.

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