How to Download YouTube Videos and Save to Your iPad

In fact, download youtube videos to iPad is very easy to do if you know the steps well. So, in this review, it will be available for you the simple ways of how to download videos to iPad from the internet. Actually, many people want to download some videos that they want. It is done in order to be able to watch them offline. Thus, they do not need again to watch them online because they have downloaded them to their iPad.

download youtube videos to ipad

In relation to that, there are some easy steps that you have to do to download the youtube videos to your iPad. It does not only download but also you can save them. Here are the steps of downloading and saving youtube videos.

Steps to download Youtube videos on your iPad

In downloading the youtube videos to your iPad, there will be five simple steps that you should do. Are you curious about them, guys? If the answer is yes, just follow these steps below!

  • Open Documents 6

The first step that you have to download the youtube videos is opening the documents 6. You can open it if you have downloaded that app to your iPad. In addition, you are able to find this icon which has a multicolored “D“. Besides, this app icon is on the white background.

document 6 browser

  • Open the Documents 6 browser

In this case, you can get it in the second list of documents. Appropriately, it is located under the icon of iCloud.

  • Go to SaveFrom site

Then, you must type in the address bar. It is at the top of the screen. After typing it, just tap Go.


  • Paste in the youtube video’s address

After finishing the third step, you are suggested to paste the link in the address of youtube videos.

  • Tap download

The last step is tapping download. You can find the icon of download in the middle of the page. This icon is indicated by the green button.

How to save the Youtube videos into your iPad

After downloading the youtube videos to your iPad, it is of course for you to save the video that you have downloaded. However, you are still confused about saving it. Well, here is the step in saving the youtube videos:

  • Tap Save

After finishing the process of download youtube videos, you are able to click save. Actually, where can you find it? Yea, you are able to get it in the top right corner of the screen.

For the additional information, please remember that this process can need some time. It depends on the connection of Wi-Fi. Those are the simple tips to save and download youtube videos to iPad. You can try it well if you understand the tips correctly.

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