How to Connect iPad to TV Using a Cable or Wirelessly

Although there are much new high technology device coming around us, television remains irreplaceable. Each house keeps maintain this entertainment electronic device and put it in the living room. Even, it also comes in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio, and the other public spaces. Today, you are going to connect iPad to TV. You connect an iPad to a smart TV both wirelessly and with cable. iPad screen may not be big. However, this device gives you a personal screen to watch movies more satisfied. You can connect the two and have two screens at once. This is a new way to watch cooler TV. The information is very important and you should know.

Steps to Connect iPad to TV with AirPlay Apps

Introduce an AirPlay application to connect your iPad to the television.  The AirPlay ease you to connect your device without cable (wireless). To get and install it, you have to:

  • Download and install AirPlay.
  • Tap the AirPlay to appear the submenu. It will show all hosts around.

If you switch to the mirroring, the television will be the second monitor. Even though, the mirroring is able to adjust to the orientation of the iPad. For this method, you must have quality Wi-Fi that is cooperative and videos in HD. If not, it will be a new problem.

connect ipad to tv

Connecting iPad and TV with Cable from these Options

Besides wireless, you have a lot of options to connect your electronic device to the TV. You can use some tools such as below:

  • USB: Connect the port Lightning iPad to the television with USB cable. This way only need seconds.
  • HDMI: Using HDMI can maintain the highest fidelity of video and audio source material. But if Lightning cannot output an HDMI signal, you can use the Digital AV Adapter for Lightning. Plug Lighting cables from the dongle to the iPad. Next, use a separate HDMI cable to connect the adapter to the TV. Switch inputs to the appropriate settings and share them. This way, you can watch TV while charging.
  • Mix the composite, component and VGA: Composite cables are red, white and yellow cables for antique systems such as N64 and others. The component cable has red, blue and green colors. Whereas VGA is a “monitor cable” that is already well-known for PCs. They will provide a good quality visual sub-HDMI with some additional cables. This method is cheaper than using

In fact, there are many options to connect iPad to TV. You can use the wireless or with cable. Anything you choose, it will give you the new sensation to enjoy your favorite movie. Try it and feel the magnificent style soon.

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